We believe sustainability is a way of thinking, breathing and operating on a daily basis. Over a morning cup of sustainable coffee, we enjoy monitoring what we could do today. Improving the way we think and act has been an important daily routine and guideline ever since our start.

Occasionally we hear doing business and acting sustainably are contradictions. We think responsible acts and saving resources are mostly about using common sense. We also believe it is a very cost effective way of doing smart business.

We welcome over 1300 guests every year from all over the world to enjoy our unique and local archipelago. We great all guests on an equal basis regardless of religion, culture, gender, age or language. We are a LGBTQ+ -friendly company. We address every guest disability in the best way possible. Any restrictions are informed about on our homepage. We understand and apply to all cultural food requirements.

We put a great deal of effort reflecting over the way we operate and act in the delicate archipelago, realizing it is our most important asset. Without these values we have nothing.

We want to bring these experiences also in the future further on to our guest in an even more sustainable way.

Whether it is about social wellbeing, preserving cultural heritages, cutting emissions further, saving on resources or working with locals, in all fields we have come a way along already. Still we feel the journey on our sustainable path has just begun. There is a lot we can and should do to do our fare share.

Because we can.
But most importantly,
because we want to.

We are proud of being the first sustainably certified RIB -boat company in Finland with a granted Good Travel Seal.
You can read the detailed Good Travel certification report here (.pdf 223KB). We invite you to follow our journey on our sustainability path and to participate in our program in the upcoming phases.

Our goal is to be a carbon neutral company by 2025 and carbon positive by 2028.

Our sustainability program will be updated regularly without prior notice. The actual version is always displayed online at

The full report can be read here (.pdf 223KB).

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